Current projects | Bliesemann de Guevara

Raising Silent Voices

AHRC-PaCCS project asking how local knowledge can be accessed and harnessed for communities' protection from violence in Myanmar (Co-investigator).

From Data to Knowledge

Understanding peace and conflict from afar: an ESRC seminar series exploring how peace and conflict can be studied despite difficult access & remoteness (Co-I).

Intimate Intervention Networks

Book project "The Peacebuilding Effect: Intimate networks and conflict knowledge in international politics", with Roland Kostić (Uppsala), forthcoming Routledge 2018.

Drawings as Research Tool

Welsh Crucible project using a drawing workshop to explore and disseminate the infertility experiences of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) women in Cardiff (Co-I). 

Political Travels & Performance

Welsh Crucible project "Travel Broadens the Mind" & project "Intervention Theatre" exploring the political role of MPs' on-site visits in conflict & intervention zones.

Urban Legends of Intervention

Project exploring informal knowledge production in international interventions through short, entertaining stories with strong moral appeal: urban legends.