Current projects | Bliesemann de Guevara

(Des)tejiendo miradas / (Un-) Stitching Gazes

Newton Fund/ AHCR/ Colciencias project exploring the reincorporation of demobilised FARC combatants into Colombian society, using biographical narrative interviews and textile-making.

GCRF Award: "Creating Safer Space"

The GCRF Development Award "Creating Safer Space" enables networking in the field of Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) and works towards creating a document database on UCP knowledge in different languages. 

Nonviolent local self-/protection

"Nonviolent local self-/protection in the midst of conflict and displacement" explores how outside civilian protection & community self-protection interact in Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The project is funded by the Centre for International Development Research at Aberystwyth and co-lead with  Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines (NPP).

Colombia: Practices of care and empowerment

The CIDRA seed grant "Practices of care and empowerment of peasant women in rural areas of the department of Antioquia" is conducted together with Beatriz Arias (University of Antioquia) and the Peasant Association of Antioquia (ACA).

Intimate Intervention Networks

Book project "The Peacebuilding Effect: Intimate networks and conflict knowledge in international politics", with Roland Kostić (Uppsala), forthcoming Routledge 2018.