Current projects | Bliesemann de Guevara

Raising Silent Voices

AHRC-PaCCS project asking how local knowledge can be accessed and harnessed for communities' protection from violence in Myanmar (Co-investigator).

From Data to Knowledge

Understanding peace and conflict from afar: an ESRC seminar series exploring how peace and conflict can be studied despite difficult access & remoteness (Co-I).

© Can Stock Photo / stuartmiles
© Can Stock Photo / stuartmiles

Borrowed Truths

Welsh Crucible project   exploring opportunities and challenges in transfers of expertise and evidence across the fields of science, justice and politics (PI).

Drawings as Research Tool

Welsh Crucible project using a drawing workshop to explore and disseminate the infertility experiences of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) women in Cardiff (Co-I). 

Political Travels & Performance

Welsh Crucible project "Travel Broadens the Mind" & project "Intervention Theatre" exploring the political role of MPs' on-site visits in conflict & intervention zones.

Urban Legends of Intervention

Project exploring informal knowledge production in international interventions through short, entertaining stories with strong moral appeal: urban legends.