Knowledge at the Nexus

with Inanna Hamati-Ataya

Inanna Hamati-Ataya and I are organizing a series of workshops and an edited volume entitled ‘Knowledge at the Nexus’, drawing on the expertise of scholars working on knowledge-production on both sides of the academia-policy divide, and on processes of diffusion/translation between the two.

The project’s objective is to come to a deeper understanding of how knowledge is generated in the policy world, how it is exchanged, diffused, translated between science and policy communities, what problems arise in these processes, and what this means for a critical transformative impact agenda of research in the study of world politics. We aim for findings that would not only help advise knowledge producers and users in the field of policy on how to best make use of the existing body of knowledge in an information age, but to also provide scholars working on transformative solutions to urgent global problems with a practical knowledge to ‘translate’ their academic findings into policy-relevant but reflexively critical engagement.