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Raising Silent Voices

AHRC-PaCCS project asking how local knowledge can be accessed and harnessed for communities' protection from violence in Myanmar (Co-investigator).

Drawings from Myanmar

The project "Raising Silent Voices" used drawing workshops as method to explore people's experiences of living amidst violent conflict. This is life in Kachin: 

From Data to Knowledge

Understanding peace and conflict from afar: an ESRC seminar series exploring how peace and conflict can be studied despite difficult access & remoteness (Co-I).

Drawings as Research Tool

Welsh Crucible project using a drawing workshop to explore and disseminate the infertility experiences of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) women in Cardiff (Co-I). 

Political Travels & Performance

Welsh Crucible project "Travel Broadens the Mind" & project "Intervention Theatre" exploring the political role of MPs' on-site visits in conflict & intervention zones.

Urban Legends of Intervention

Project exploring informal knowledge production in international interventions through short, entertaining stories with strong moral appeal: urban legends.

Myth and Narrative in IR

Edited book exploring how a range of theoretical conceptualisations of myth can be used to interpretively explore dominant  sense-making narratives in today's international politics.

Studying Crisis Group (ICG)

German Research Foundation (DFG) network studying the International Crisis Group, a widely referenced producer of conflict expert knowledge, used by policy-makers, the media and academics.

Charisma and Politics

Public lecture series and edited book on the seduction, promise and danger of charismatic leadership in contemporary politics (in German; book also translated into Hungarian).

Illusion Statebuilding

Why exporting the western state is so difficult: Edited book comparing the international statebuilding interventions in Bosnia-Herzegovina & Afghanistan, commissioned by Körber Foundation (in German).

States in Times of Statebuilding

PhD research on the effects of the international statebuilding intervention on state structures and state-society relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in German); awarded the German Studies Award 2009

© Can Stock Photo / stuartmiles
© Can Stock Photo / stuartmiles

Borrowed Truths

Welsh Crucible project   exploring opportunities and challenges in transfers of expertise and evidence across the fields of science, justice and politics (PI).