Teaching | Dr Berit Bliesemann de Guevara

Aberystwyth University


I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA), committed to excellence in teaching.


Undergraduate modules 

  • IP12620: Behind the Headlines, BA first-year module
  • IQ24420 & IQ34420: Knowing About Violent Conflict in International Politics, BA Honours
  • IQ24520 & IQ34520: Populist Politics, BA Honours
  • IQ30220: Statebuilding and State-Formation, BA Honours
  • IQ31220: Charisma and Politics, BA Honours

Postgraduate modules

  • IPM3720: Knowledge Production in Peacebuilding, Master's module

Current PhD supervision

  • Faten Jaballah
  • Dylan Marshall
  • Suzanne Schaarsberg
  • Louise Ridden 

Completed PhD supervision

  • Dr Jana Wattenberg: "Ideas that Stand in the Way of Nuclear Disarmament" (2019)
  • Dr Christine Andrä: "A Genealogy of War as a Problem of International Politics" (2018)
  • Dr Alistair Markland: "Knowledge and Global Advocacy: A Sociological Study of INGO Practitioners and their Epistemic Limits" (2018)
  • Dr Desiree Poets: "The limits and possibilities of multiculturalism in Brazil: urban quilombos and indigenous groups in the colonial present" (2018)
  • Dr Adhemar Mercado Auf der Maur: “'We do not play music for applause!' Explorations of Andean autochthonous music as worlding practices in urban Bolivia" (2017)
  • Dr Thomas Marshall: “Autonomous Marxism, the Commons and Critique in Post-2008 Social Movements” (2016)
  • Dr Tomas Kucera: “The Soldier and Society: Liberalism and Societal-Military Relations in Germany and the UK” (2014)